Introducing Project ReStore!

Who is Project ReStore?

Project ReStore is a volunteer subcommittee of the South Milwaukee Community & Business Association (SMCBA). We’re working with the City of South Milwaukee to launch and promote a strategic downtown revitalization movement based on solid recommendations set forth in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. All downtown property and business owners are strongly encouraged to join this movement and actively support the creation of a strong and thriving downtown.

Project Restore’s Vision, Mission & Objectives

Downtown South Milwaukee will become a place that responds to local trends and changing markets, a place where residents and visitors enjoy spending time.

Restore visible and sustainable economic vitality in the downtown district.[expand title=”Read More”]


  • Advocate for the downtown business community on issues that impact the area
  • Provide timely and relevant information to downtown businesses and property owners
  • Research best practices for downtown revitalization, such as the tools available from Connect Communities 
  • Support and promote businesses and property owners who share the vision and mission
  • Help draw attention to downtown properties that are available for sale or lease
  • Promote and safeguard the Downtown Revitalization Grant 
  • Serve as a resource for prospective new businesses
  • Facilitate long-term strategic planning downtown by exploring the benefits of a Business Improvement District (BID)


How Can Project Restore Benefit You?[expand title=”Read More”]

  • Create a better, more economically viable future for business and property owners.
  • Improve numbers and operations of downtown businesses.
  • Enhance character and appearance of the downtown.
  • Engage and excite the entire South Milwaukee community about their downtown as an important place, whether attending an event or through their experiences with unique downtown businesses.[/expand]

How can I Get Involved[expand title=”Read More”]

With your help, we can work together to improve conditions for downtown South Milwaukee and generate direct, positive effects for all of the businesses in the district. Please help us  by:

  • Joining our committee – Get Involved! Be the change you want to see, and let us know how you can help!
  • Volunteer your time or expertise
  • Advocate for downtown businesses and properties
  • Make a financial contribution [/expand]

Stay connected with Project ReStore

To attend a committee meeting, please email for our next meeting details.


Take action and make positive changes happen. See something? Say something.

Take action and make positive changes happen. See something? Say something.

For code violations or non-emergency concerns, contact:
Craig Maass, 1st District Alderperson
Frank Van Dusen III, 1st District Alderperson
For emergencies, suspicious or illegal activity, contact:

South Milwaukee Police Department, (414) 768-8060 (non-emergencies).

The City of South Milwaukee’s Comprehensive Downtown Plan

Benefits to our Connect Communities membership [expand title=”Read More”]

Connect Communities helps local leaders leverage the unique assets of their downtowns and commercial districts, providing access to resources and networking opportunities to local leaders interested in starting a district revitalization effort. – Find out more about our Connect Communities membership. [/expand]

What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?   [expand title=”Read More”]

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a method for business people to organize, coordinate marketing and promotion efforts, and encourage business development. It affords property owners and business people a viable role in directing affairs within the district. It also ensures that all beneficiaries of district programs participate in the funding of the programs. The formation of a BID allows downtown business people, property owners, merchants, city officials and others to work together to determine what needs to be done to upgrade and strengthen the downtown, and to pay the cost of those efforts in whole or in part.

Check out what others are doing in their BID!

Potential Advantages of a BID

  • Financial resources for stakeholders.
  • Dedicated professional staff person(s) with economic development expertise, resources
  • Business improvement grants/loans
  • Strategic, business-building promotional materials and events.
  • Communications materials including business directories & maps.
  • Property beautification projects and streetscaping enhancements. [/expand]
Downtown Revitalization Grant 
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