Leah Manthey, President

Parkway Floral • (414) 419-7444

As president of the South Milwaukee Community & Business Association, I promise to lead by setting uncompromising standards, by diligently promoting each and every one of our members and by encouraging a strong member presence in our community.

Throughout my lifetime of living & working in South Milwaukee, I’ve witnessed first hand, the wonderful benefits that come from staying actively engaged in this community. While following in the footsteps of my local heros, I have not only been inspired, but, have fallen deeply in love with the concept of physically getting out there and making this a better place for all of us.

As my heroes begin to step down, one by one, I am beginning to realize that it will take an entire army to fill their shoes. Only together, will we do great things for our Association, for our community and at the end of a hard day’s work – for ourselves.

Thank you for your membership! I look forward to working with you.


Karen Kilman, Vice President

South Milwaukee Yacht Club • (414) 418-5971

Implementation of a plan to teach strategic networking is at hand! I will coach members who will educate attendees (other members) about each other’s businesses so that each chamber member is a walking, talking advertisement for each business within the Chamber. Success breeds success! The end result? Companies planning to relocate will recognize South Milwaukee as the best choice for their new location.


Bryan Lorentzen, Past President

Community Member 

Kelly A. Martyka, Director

Attorney at Law • 414-801-7193

I am excited to be part of this community group, and get to know the people and businesses of South Milwaukee. South Milwaukee has been very welcoming, and is growing each day. I look forward to working with this organization, building on the solid foundation, and finding new and interesting ways to bring alive the community.

Chris Daniels

School District of South Milwaukee • (414) 766-5140

As a member of the South Milwaukee Community and Business Association Board, it is my goal to work with our school and business communities to find ways in which we can partner to support one another’s missions and visions. In particular, I want to engage students and businesses to provide opportunities for students to work and learn in settings outside of the schools, and to help employers identify qualified employees to grow their businesses.


Jim Shelenske, Director

MJ Media, LLC • 414-651-2221

I would like to encourage South Milwaukee Community and Business Association members to work together, to grow our membership. This is essential to the economic growth of our communities. My goal is to enhance the opportunities available to our members by providing networking opportunities and promoting community event partnerships and communication to the residents of our city and neighboring cities through the use of the community calendar. I want to increase recognition for business and community involvement by selecting and presenting annual SMCBA awards.

Laura CurranSecretary

SMCBA Office • (414) 262-2222, ext 141