How to Set Up Shop in South Milwaukee

So, you think you’ve found the perfect storefront in South Milwaukee? We think that’s awesome and we are happy to lead you in the right direction to get the needed paperwork before you get established.

Step 1 – where to begin

Set up a meeting with the city’s Economic Development Director, Stephanie Hacker. For zoning reasons, she will work with you and the engineering department to help you determine if your business is right for the perspective space.

Phone: (414) 762-2222 Email:


Step 2
 – Three things can happen here

1 – If the engineering department determines that your business is permitted for use in the building you have your eye one you will fill out an application for an occupancy permit. Continue to Step 3.

2 – If its determined that the space isn’t zoned just right for you, you will need to fill out an application for a conditional use permit. In this scenario you will present your concept to the Plan Commission. Your goal for the presentation is to convince them to make a supportive recommendation to City Council so that the space can be rezoned for you and your venture. Once your presentation is approved continue to Step 3.

3 – Worst case scenario, your business is prohibited in the space you’ve chosen. Not to worry – we will help you find a space that better suites you. Contact Brian @


Step 3 – You almost have your occupancy permit

So far so good! You’ve made your way through the bureaucracy thus far but it’s not over yet. Once your lease has been signed, you’re going to want to get started on making the space your own. Before you start any needed renovations, you’re going to need to apply for some building permits.