Grant Park

Grant Park

Grant Park offers a variety of recreation throughout the year from beaches to biking and cross country skiing as well as some off road, quaint hiking locations.Dissected by deep ravines along the shore of Lake Michigan, this park is a remnant of the original forests that guarded the lake. Oak, beech, and maple tower over carpets of spring ephemeral wildflowers.

Friends of Grant Park

Hiking Seven Bridges
Seven Bridges 

“Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature.” As you wind your way through the ravine on unpaved and lannon stone paths, lannon stone staircases, and numerous foot bridges, you’ll discover the delights of nature – a carpet of spring wildflowers, the songs of migratory birds, fabulous fall color, the refreshing sound of water rushing in a brook. Following the trails, you’ll be led among enormous trees such as the native beech, along creeks, into secluded areas, and onto the shore of Lake Michigan.

Seven Bridges Trail Map

In 2005, The park’s Seven Bridges Trail was designated as a
National Recreation Trail.

National Recreation Trail

Forked Astor Hiking Trail

Connect with nature as you hike the Forked Aster Hiking Trail System. Explore natural communities from grasslands, wetlands and woodlands. See native plants and wildlife, and enjoy the escape form a hectic urban lifestyle. 

Forked Astor Hiking TrailGrant Park Trail Map – North

Grant Park Trail Map – South

Rawson Woods

This natural area, and extention of the Forked Astor Trail is one of the best remaining examples of beech-maple forest in the Park System. The greatest diversity of trees, plants, and wildlife are found in the northern half of this woodland. Due to its close proximity to Lake Michigan and the Oak Creek Parkway, this unique park acts as an important stopover site for spring and fall migratory birds, making it another ebird hotspot

Rawson Woods Trail Map


The Oak Leaf TrailThe Oak Leaf Trail

The Oak Leaf Trail is a paved 108-mile multi-use recreational trail which encircles Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Clearly marked trail segments connect all of the major parks in the Milwaukee County Park System with a “ribbon of green.”

Buy a soda pop and get a free map at the Grant Park Club House. Cut through the parking lot, and follow Grant Park Drive about 200 feet to the paved path. The trail in Grant Park winds between forest and field areas, overlooking Lake Michigan and has two easy crossings of the drive.

The Grant Park section of the trail ends at a large condominium complex, where Lake drive merges with Hwy 32. Continue across the drive into Warnimont Park.


Oak Leaf Trail Map – Oak Creek Parkway

Oak Leaf Trail

Biking the Oak Leaf Trail




Great Lakes Circle Tour

Great Lakes Circle Tour

The Lake Michigan Circle Tour is just one of the designated scenic road systems around the Great Lakes. The other four Great Lakes–Superior, Huron, Erie, and Ontario–each have their own Circle Tour as well. All of the tours combined comprise the Great Lakes Circle Tour. This designated scenic road system connects all of the Great Lakes as well as the St. Lawrence River. It consists of routes for circumnavigating the lakes, either individually or collectively.

Our tiny 2.8 mile stretch of the Lake Michigan Circle tour is just a taste of what South Milwaukee has to offer. You’ll enter at Forest Hill Avenue and be pleasantly greeted by cute homes and apartments. Make a pit stop in our Grant Park Plaza to refuel, restock and rejuvenate before continuing on your journey.

Follow the hwy 32 signs under the train trestle on Marquette Avenue into our historic Downtown. Here you will find a variety of locally owned shops and eateries. If you want to take the scenic Local Loop – we recommend detouring East down Milwaukee Avenue and taking a drive through beautiful Grant Park. Connect back to hwy 32 via College Avenue to continue your journey up the coast of Lake Michigan.

The Yellowstone Trail

In 1912, a group of small town businessmen in South Dakota  undertook an ambitious project to create a useful automobile route, the YellowstoneTrail, across America. This was at a time when roads were not marked, ew maps were available and slippery mud was the usual road condition. Come travel the historic trail through South Milwaukee as it passes along side beautiful Grant park, under unique bridges and through our historic down town area.

The Yellowstone Trail

Historic Railroad Depot

The South Milwaukee Railroad Depot was built in 1855. At that time it was merely a wooden platform and was located at 10th and Rawson. It was moved to its present location at 11th and Milwaukee in 1864.

Historic Railroad Depot

Bucyrus Museum

Featuring multimedia exhibits, vintage company memorabilia, scale models, and life-size replicas of machine parts, the museum is open to the general public from 10AM-3PM Monday through Thursday, 7AM-3PM on Friday, and 10AM-3PM the third Saturday of the month.

Bucyrus Museum


Oak Creek Parkway

The Mill Pond is a 5 acres Fishing Pond found on the Oak Creek Parkways North East region, connected to the south of of Grant Park. The pond is 8 feet deep at its deepest point. Anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Bluegill,Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout and Yellow Perch, since this pond is stocked seasonally. 

Oak Creek Parkway

Friends of Mill Pond


South Milwaukee Fishing

You’ll enjoy better fishing at the park lagoon and along the Oak Creek (Hawthorne Ave., between 6th & 10th) due to the stocking efforts of the Hunger Task Force Farm & Fish Hatchery and the Department of Natural Resources.
Rainbow trout and 6- to 11-inch yellow perch are among the fish stocked. Bag limits are posted at the lagoons.

Fishing Regulations

Obtaining a License

Grant Park Golfing

Grant Park Golf Corse is a relatively short by today’s standards (5,213), it does have many challenging Par 4’s and Par 3’s. With this layout, anyone from an experienced to a beginner golfer will find the right blend of  challenge and enjoyment.  You will notice stunning views of Lake Michigan while you are on your way to the course. 

Grant Clubhouse

Milwaukee County’s first 18-hole golf course, developed in 1919 along the Lake Michigan shore south of Cudahy. Land for the park was purchased from Horace Fowle, son of early pioneers who had come to Oak Creek in 1835. The Commission also purchased Fowle’s lovely Victorian home which had been built in 1892 on the site of his family’s log cabin. Minimal changes were necessary to convert the house to the Grant Park Clubhouse it is today. Much of the Victorian charm remains the same. This two-story farm home offers a spacious interior and views of the beautifully wooded Grant Park Golf Course and the spectacular shore of Lake Michigan.

100 E. Hawthorne Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172

Call the Clubhouse at (414) 762-4646 or

Book your Tee-Time Online today!


Grant park attracts a large variety of wild life including deer, heron ,raccoon, possum, and a large variety of migrating birds. Among the highlighted are seasonally diverse bird populations, making thisSouth Milwaukee Wildlife park a eBird hotspot with 207 species observed (as of Oct. 2014). Offering an excellent habitat for migrating birds the steep banks along the lake concentrate migrants along the bluff tops. Grant Park’s mill pond, pines trees and open fields attract sparrows of all kinds and Long-eared owls.

For the Love of Birds, and South Milwaukee

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South Milwaukee Wildlife

The white-tailed deer, also known as the whitetail, is a medium-sized deer native to the United States. It is not uncommon to encounter a herd of these beautiful creatures when hiking the trails of the Grant park, due to their abundance and over population.


Grant Park Beach

Grant Park Beach in South Milwaukee is never crowded. Even if the parking lot were full, there is more than enough room for everyone. It is a large beach. You can walk north from Grant Park Beach and enjoy the shore nearly all the way to the Port of Milwaukee. It is easy to find a fairly secluded sandy spot to sit and enjoy the lake.

While there is usually a few brave souls who will challenge the cold temperature and wade out a bit into Lake Michigan, most come to enjoy the sun and sand. Swimming is best left for later in summer when Lake Michigan’s water temperature has had a chance to warm up a bit. Even then, it is usually very cold. An eastern wind can make the water much warmer and much more enjoyable to swim and play in. Swimming is done at your own risk, since this beach does not have lifeguards on duty. 

Ferch'sOn a hot summer’s day, Grant Park Beach is also a great place to enjoy some ice cream and a snack from Ferch’s Malt Shoppe and Grill. Offering ice cold Beer and soda, burgers,sandwiches and fries, malts and shakes, and over one million varieties of ice cream! 


Hit the sand this summer in  a coed 6 vs 6 beach volleyball league at Grant Park Beach.

Two games per night with teams playing two separate matches a night. Come play volleyball and enjoy a great evening.

Grant Park Beach Volleyball

Find out how to register to be on a league here!

Downtown MarketSouth Milwaukee Downtown Market

The South Milwaukee Downtown Market is an established street market, home to dozens of vendors selling produce, organics, arts, crafts, baked goods, prepared food and more. The outdoor market operates Thursdays, June through October on 11th and Milwaukee Avenues with the beautiful historic South Milwaukee Railroad Depot as the scenic backdrop.

From 3-7 pm you can expect to hear live music from some of Milwaukee’s best folk, bluegrass, jazz & rock musicians. Grab a bite to eat from one of the market’s many food vendors, relax on a near by picnic table, and spend a summer’s night being serenaded and entertained.

South Milwaukee Downtown Market Music

We also host a variety of featured events including a late summer health fair, harvest celebration and extended hours during our City’s Heritage Week festivities. Follow us on Facebook for up to date details on what’s happening at the market!